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GistHive vs Nairaland: Stage 1 • | GistHive - Viewport of the web.

GistHive vs Nairaland: Stage 1

Posted by Admin 5 months ago


GistHive - The viewport of the web prides itself in allowing users post news, entertainment or social topics in communities along with giving them the opportunity to vote up or down content while 

Nairaland - More like keeps their users in the know with varying sections. Users can add topics(like GistHive) and follow other users along with liking of posts and commenting.

With all these facts, GistHive may seem more like Nairaland. But no, it isn't. 

Here are the facts:

  1. GistHive makes blogging, topic sharing and journalism more social : with profiles and the meet people section.
  2. GistHive allows you stay updated with friends: introducing status update option.
  3. GistHive allows you get what you love with a personalized feed.
  4. Allows you recommend content: with it's new upvote/down vote system.
  5. Create hives(communities) and feel the family.
And lots more. Invite your friends and try GistHive today.